i wish people had crushes on me 

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"was the quiz hard?" 

no.. i’m just stupid so I got a lot wrong

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가슴이 미어지고 찢어진다

점점 코가 심각해지는것 같은 느낌


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Anonymous said: thats not good... dont think like that, you got this.

no. you know I tried jumping off in the subway station 5 times yesterday? and stabbing myself in the neck? 

you can pray for me to have the courage to actually kill myself next time

thank you

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The unhappiest people in this world, are those who care the most about what other people think. C. JoyBell C. (via hqlines)

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Anonymous said: How are you?

about to kill myself. how are you?

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Wow, she’s ugly.. Her nose is huge.. lol she’s completely flat chested.. She wants plastic surgery?! That is so shallow. Way too many people I know (via xnose)
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